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Treat your cellulite with dermaroles

Cellulite affects 90% of all women and 10% of all men so you've suffered, you're not alone.

Cellulites occur when the subcutaneous fat lumps under the skin and can affect any person regardless of body shape. However, they are often more visible if you have more subcutaneous fat. To a great extent, the appearance of cellulite depends on genetic factors, but there are ways that you can use to reduce the inconvenience.

Treat the skin from the inside

Cardio training is good for keeping weight, but weight training works more tight for the skin, so invest in heavy weights or a combination of several types of exercise that both improve fitness and build muscle.

Eat versatile and useful. Fruits and vegetables and a versatile diet with plenty of water are a good start to live healthy and also minimize the appearance of the pitfalls, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

Treat the skin from the outside

To boost your useful life, try using a dermaroll that can affect your cellulite. We recommend using your dermaroles at 7-10 day intervals. After 12 weeks you should be able to see results. We recommend the size 1.5mm for best results.

Tip! If you are treating multiple items on the body while requiring different needle lengths, you can order two skinrollers for package price here.

Fight cellulite with Bio-Oilskinroller-skinrollerbio-oil

Bio-Oil is the prized oil that is designed to improve skin tone, minimize cellulite, treat aging skin and and bursts. Bio-Oil is perfect for use with skin rolls and continuously between applications to enhance the effect of your skin roller treatment. 

Buy Bio-Oil and skin roles at package prices here.

Feel free to complete your skin care treatment with massage, dry brush and peel skin between treatments. Exit with Bio-Oil.


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